9 steps before buying a camera

9 steps you have to know before buying a camera:


1- What is your budget?

Cameras in general can be divided into 3 price categories, namely:

**Entry level or beginners and its price starts from $100 up to $500

It includes many cameras under it, such as the Canon EOS T4i, canon EOS T6i, Nikon d3200, Nikon d5300…..etc.

**mid-range, the average level, and its price starts from $500 up to $1000

like Canon EOS 77d and canon EOS 80d cameras…etc

**High End or Full Frame and its price reaches $1000 and $10000

canon 5d, Nikon d810, etc.

2- Why do you want to buy the camera…!!

It is well known among photographers that Canon is better in video and Nikon is better in photos, and this is very true, given the fact that many filmmakers use Canon cameras.

If you buy a camera because the video will be canon for you.

But if you use the camera for photography, Nikon will be better.

3- See what kind of cameras your friends have?

It is very important if you have friends who have a camera, see what they have, Nikon or Canon, and try to get the same type, because this will help you to exchange the lenses, and this will save you from buying lenses 🙂

4- Check the quality of the camera photos before you buy it:

There is an excellent service provided by a site called Pixelpeeper, which is that you look at pictures with certain cameras and certain lenses, you are the one who selects them, and they bring you these pictures in full quality so that you can see the quality and compare them.

5- Compare the cameras:

Another service provided by the cameradecision.com website is that you compare any two cameras for every need and see the details of each camera and see its advantages and disadvantages, and it helps you a lot that you make your decision in choosing the right camera for you.

6- Look at reviews and reviews of cameras:

It is very important that you watch the reviews of the cameras that you are looking for, and through these reviews, you know through the experience of professional people the advantages and disadvantages of each camera.

7- Ask an experimenter:

It is very important that you benefit from the experiences of the people around you as much as possible, whether it is your friend’s photographer or a famous photographer. You can talk to him on his account or on Facebook.

8- use the kit lens:

I personally bought a Canon 700d camera + kit lens 18-55, and I bought the camera to shoot YouTube episodes with it, the lens is excellent, it has image stabilization and its quality is good for daylight or outdoor photography. As for when I photographed indoors or inside the house, the quality was poor and it blurred, and there was a lot of noise and needed a lot of lighting, so I went and bought a 50mm lens and the results were much better.

If your photography is all photos, then the flash will adjust the world, but if you shoot a video, I think that you invest in a good lens for low light

9- Find the cheapest price:

Camera prices change all the time, and it is very important before you buy that you see prices in many places and compare them and research well, and for example, when I went to buy my camera, it was on Radio Shack for 6700 Egyptian pounds, while I bought it from another place for 4500 pounds … a big difference.

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