14 styles of photography you need to know

best 14 styles of photography you need to know:

there are 14 styles of photography depending on the subject you take of the photo (such as landscape style or Portraiture style) or according to the timing of the photoshoot (such as night photography style).

It also varies according to the location of the picture (such as aerial photography and underwater photography) or according to the technology used in the photography style (such as macro photography and telescopic photography)

It also varies according to the speed of capturing the image (such as slow-motion, filming, and freezing motion)

It may also vary according to the technical format of the image (such as panorama photography, shadow photography, solitization and abstract photography).


nature photography:

In it, aesthetic images of nature are captured, including the sky, sun, moon, clouds, mountains, seas, rivers, trees and flowers. Sunrise and sunset are the best times to inspire photographers and their creativity.


City life:

This style means depicting people’s lives, ways of living, their habits, and their manifestations in the streets, in schools, and in their work.

city life

Wildlife photography:

It is a genre that focuses on the world of animals, birds, reptiles, insects, and wildlife in general.

This style requires special skills for photographers, including being aware of the place and the objects that are being photographed and their danger, and providing the appropriate tools to capture the appropriate and required moments.


Portraiture of people:

This style is concerned with photographing people, including children, young people and the elderly, and depicting faces and their expressions.

Underwater photography:
It is the style of underwater photography and is used to photograph marine organisms and aquatic weeds under the seas and oceans, and requires cameras of a special type to protect them from the water.


night photography:

This type of photography focuses on shooting at night and requires special settings in the camera.

The ideal time to photograph is a few minutes after sunset, and before sunrise.

Flash light is often not used in photography, and most of this photography requires the availability of a stand to stabilize the camera to avoid vibration.


Macro photography:

styles of photography

This style requires special cameras that have the ability to enlarge the image by multiples of its original size to show details.
This type is used to depict details of small objects, as well as those that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

press photography:

In this styleof photography, the photographer takes pictures in a way that raises questions in the mind of the recipient and opens the way for the mind to imagine and try to interpret the picture.
It is photography that aims to document events and provide material for publication with press material.

It focuses heavily on filming the event as it unfolds, taking pictures that tell the journalistic story, and those that answer as much as possible.

styles of photography

Sports Photography:

Sports photography is a form of photojournalism that focuses on documenting and publishing an event, but sports photography has been categorized as a separate genre because it requires shooting a fast-moving shot.

It requires a camera with zoom or zoom tools, and camera settings to freeze motion and take multiple photos to choose from.

styles of photography

Advertising photography:

It is the type that specializes in photographing commercials for products and services, and the product is often photographed in a studio and under custom lighting and backgrounds.

styles of photography

The images in them are usually large and made up of large geographical areas.

Architectural Photography:

It is a photography concerned with capturing the aesthetic features in buildings and architectural monuments, and showing the aspects of creativity in design, from inside and outside the building.

styles of photography        styles of photography


It is a wide-area cross-sectional image that includes the multiple angles of the subject area.

In this type of photography, the camera is rotated to capture the place from different sides around the camera, and then a single image is produced that collects the sides of the place.

This is usually done automatically within certain types of cameras, and can also be installed manually using image editing software.

styles of photography

Shooting shadows (silhouette):

In it, objects are depicted in the form of a black shadow without showing their features, with the background appearing colored and clear in its natural form.

This style requires the light source behind the object to shoot a silhouette, so it appears in the form of a shadow or silhouette when the camera takes the picture.

silhouette image

Photography with lighting:

The art of light painting is a form of motion photography in which the duration of taking the picture is prolonged for a few seconds or minutes, and one or more searchlights are used in it to paint the motion with lighting.

styles of photography

HDR imaging:

High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDR)

They are techniques that combine a group of images that have been exposed to light differently from each other, and the final result of the image appears distinct and different from the usual digital photography.

styles of photography


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